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Everything has a beginning, and this is where you can read about how things in life unveiled for me.

My name is Thomas Sim Yan Sun. You can call me "Thomas" or "Sim".

I wanted to be a medical doctor when I was in secondary school. However, I did not make to Medical College, partly due to opportunity and partly by default as I was not crafted for it! So I ended up as a Clinical Biochemist (UKM'93).

Having disliked laboratory work, I dived into sales of pharmaceuticals straight away from graduation. I was initially contented with Medical Industry as it was technical and I have the people skill too.

However, over many years with marketing training, I felt the quest for more knowledge. Hence, I took up ICSA exam in the free time and graduated in 2003. Inevitably, the job of pharmaceutical selling could not give me the training for company secretaryship, and having exhausted all avenue in 2008 I resigned to join a construction conglomerate.

Over a short period of one year with this job, I was able to open my eyes to ICT and Property. Therefore, I set my new focus to these two areas since 2009.

While in the construction field, my previous GM in the pharmaceutical firm (Roche) invited me to return to the company for oncology franchise.

Since then I stayed on till 2017 Dec and during the 9 years, I completed a master degree in ICT Management (2013) with AeU and my project paper was on E-Learning. After that, I embarked on the LPPEH (LPEPH - Lembaga Penilai, Penaksir, Ejen Harta Tanah dan Pengurus Harta) Estate Agent's Examination (Diploma in Estate Agency) in 2014, thinking of how E-Learning can help working adults to do this exam.

In between the years I also became an investor of properties and challenged myself on how to do it better!

Today, I am a Probationary Estate Agent (PEA2066) and full-time involved as

  1. PEA of Affluence Properties E(3)1902*

And, during my free time, I am passionate about the below activities:

  1. E-Learning Developer for estateagentexam.com
  2. Webmaster for justletakproperty.com
  3. Website developer for contract2u.com

My area of interest (other area of involvement please see here) is in research and application of ICT in Real Estate Analytics. These interests and hobbies had been with me since 2014.

My aspiration is to help those who want to study for this Estate Agent's Examination and practice the profession when qualified.

I used to do this Self-Study E-Learning without any charges because it was by Blogger - which is free of charge. However, due to privacy and worry of credibility, I hosted it as a private blog.

In Mid 2017, the private readers had exceeded the limit set by Blogger (which is 100 readers), thus I could no more accept new readership to my blog - my-realproperty1.blogspot.com.

In order to overcome this limitation, I had to migrate to WordPress for more scalability. This is what I do now whole of Jan, 2018, i.e. to set up a membership site for this purpose.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Sim Yan Sun PEA2066

BSc (Hons) UKM, ICSA (MAICSA), MICTM (AeU), Dip Estate Agency (BOVEAP).

27 Jan, 2018 (updated 15 Nov, 2019)

* Business Card indicating my current engagement with Estate Agency Practice under the supervision of Mr Colin Wong E2814 of Affluence Properties E(3)1902.

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