The way

The way to do it!

You must be curious to ask is there some sort of easy way to study for public examinations?

The answer is Yes!

My attitude towards life is always "the honest down-to-earth" way. However, there is no harm doing it with a strategy. Knowing what to achieve and the method to do it is the key to success!

The way - is to analyze the past year questions and come out with a strategy. I make things easier by coming out with Q&As instead of plain reading. Hence, it will be a-question-a-post and hopefully we can get interested in remembering the scenarios, cases or the calculations. You can at least remember the question, if not the answer. Why? Because we are more alerted by questions rather than answers. Take the classroom scenario, if you are thrown a question straight on your face, would you always remember what was asked?

This had been my method in studying for my past examinations, especially ICSA. I find working on hard subjects this way is easier to retain the knowledge. In fact, knowing to ask question is a sure way to gain knowledge. The Chinese word "Knowledge - 學問" actually originated from two words - Learn and Ask.

Happy learning and asking!