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A link to set a new password will be sent to your email address.

Upon signing up, a new member will be given RM200 equivalent of “Credits” in his/her e-Wallet. This is a virtual money, and CANNOT be withdrawn as CASH. The amount top-up in the future also subject to NO REFUND or WITHDRAWAL.

*e-Wallet points (credits) can ONLY be used to gain access to some parts of the ONLINE RESOURCE. These include the Video (Paid) and Subject Summary (Trial) sections. You can also use the Credits to sign up for the COURSES section. Other purchases will need to be transacted by CASH or ONLINE payment.

Hence, you are advised to limit your e-Wallet sum. There are two (2) major reasons for this:

  1. Reduce spending unnecessarily.
  2. Reduce sum retained inside e-Wallet and allows conventional trade payment.

A new member will require to prove his/her identity for the purpose of security as well as to allow us for Private Data Protection Act compliance – that no identity information will be provided to third party.

E-Wallet money can remain forever inside the system until termination of a membership.

As the e-Wallet money is depleted, members are encouraged to top-up using other modes of electronic payments. We accept direct bank-transfer in the below account.

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